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production time measurement system

TimeTracking is used to measure standard and non-standard production time, to measure job standards and assess the work deployment of workers. The system comprises one administration (web) application and several input applications. The input applications are very simple and are located throughout your company so the workers can use them comfortably and efficiently. Here you can see several previews of the administration application, showing the views seen only by the administrator, not the line workers.

Below we show only previews of the administration (web) application. The input applications, installed in individual workplaces within the company, are intentionally not shown because we need to protect our “know-how”. If you want to see our system in full operation, we will be glad to present it to you in your company – just contact us.

Main overview

The main overview shows the work currently in progress. You can see all the workers who are reporting work or overhead, and also the workers taking a break. You can also see individual workplaces. You have an overview of which workplace is connected to the Internet and how much the device is charged. The system automatically assesses erroneous work reports and shows them in the main overview. The administrator can correct or confirm the erroneous records.

Production order assessment

Production order assessment is one of the most important overviews in the system. You can split a contract into individual operations (e.g.: Production, Packaging, Shipping) and assign them with a time or job standard. During work the system collects all the data and continuously assesses the contract. After completion of the contract you can see how much time your workers spent on the completion of the contract.

Work reports

This overview shows all the collected work and overhead reports. This report usually contains a great amount of data and you can use clear filters for better orientation. You can later modify or delete any work report.

Assessment of workers

This overview shows you workers and their total work time on contracts and on overheads in a selected time period. You can also see the percentage of work of each worker on contracts and overheads. You can use this overview for monthly assessments of workers and the work performed by them.

Pokud Vás zajímá jak systém pro měření normovaných časů TimeTracking funguje, tak se podívejte na popis funkčnosti.

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