Functions of the TimeTracking
production time measurement system

How does the production time measurement system work?
The entire system comprises 3 main parts: the input device, central server and administrator application.

We install the input device in a company/production, through which the workers input the jobs they are currently processing. We will adapt the number of input devices to your requirements. The input devices are wirelessly connected to the central server, which collects, stores and processes data. No complex installation or modifications of the workplace are required. The input applications, operated directly by the workers on the floor, are designed with maximum simplicity so they can be used even by persons with no experience with computers.

The administrator controls the entire system through a special web application. The administrator sets contracts, operations, standards, workers and everything the system needs. The administrator can assign work to workers directly or let the workers record work on any contracts the administrator establishes in the system.

We deliberately describe the system in simple terms, because we need to protect our “know-how”. If you want to see our system in full operation, we will be glad to present it to you in your company – just contact us.

Overview of work from anywhere

You will be able to observe who is working on which contract or how the time or job standard is fulfilled from anywhere in the world. You will have a clear picture of your company even when on a business trip or vacation.

Measurement of production time

It measures the production time of contracts and operations. It measures standard and non-standard times. Precise measurement of time spent on a contract is important for measuring job efficiency. Only precise measurement will let you to establish how much a contract costs your company in wages.

Measurement of overheads

TimeTracking efficiently measures the overhead of employees performed during working hours. This will enable you to optimize production costs. The worker will simply interrupt a worksheet by a selected overhead and upon completion of the overhead the system will restart the original work. It is very simple and quick for the worker, TimeTracking doesn’t burden employees with any unnecessary work.


TimeTracking saves all worksheets and overhead reports on a server. You will have access to the administrator application, which will clearly display all worksheets and overhead reports. The administrator will later be able to modify the reports.

Simple controls

Work and overhead reporting is very simple for workers. We have created a simple input application, which the workers control. The application leads the worker so that they avoid mistakes in work reporting and do not have to think about which key to press. We know from experience that even workers in retirement age who have never worked with a computer can use TimeTracking.

Clear statistics

TimeTracking summarizes all collected data and presents it to administrators in clear statistics. All work and overhead reports can be downloaded to Excel or filtered directly in the administrator application.

Information monitors

Information monitor is a graphic output of work currently being performed via a monitor or TV directly on the floor/workshop. We use the monitors so the managers directly on the floor get an overview of the work in progress. The managers see who is working on which contract and in which workplace, how much time has elapsed and how much remains.

Automatic breaks

You can set automatic work breaks for each worker. Then the worker doesn’t need to sign off for a break, the system will interrupt the work and overhead report automatically.

Administrator application

The administrator application is a part of the TimeTracking system. This application is used as a control application, in which the workers, contracts, operations, workplaces, automatic breaks, etc., can be set up.

Input application

The TimeTracking production time measurement system includes several input applications. The applications are specifically designed and can be placed in specified workplaces in your company. The number of applications depends entirely on you and can be modified any time. Your workers will use the application to report their work and overheads. The application leads the worker so that they avoid mistakes in work reporting and do not have to think about which key to press. We know from experience that even workers in retirement age who have never worked with a computer can use TimeTracking.

If you want to know what the TimeTracking standard time measurement system looks like, see the previews from TimeTracking.

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